Why I Sing...

We all start out with individual dreams and aspirations and imagination…and a uniqueness and individuality that makes us each special.  As kids we are not afraid to be different, to act funny and do silly things. 

Then early on and constantly thereafter we are warped by school, the media, by religion and government to conform, to be like everyone else, to be accepted…and yet we are also pressed to be “better” than our neighbor…to have a nicer car, or a better looking wife, or a higher paying job. 

That is the nature of capitalism and consumerism (which work hand in hand with organized religion and government): they set expectations that are not achievable because we can never be everything: while some of us are blessed with looks, rarely is that combined with intelligence, and what does intelligence mean anyway?  The minute you buy into “status” or “wealth” or “beauty” or “fame” as being indicative of success in life, then “they got you where they want you”…you will play along with their games and fall into line…you won’t question authority because if you do, you won’t get that job, or that grade in school, you won’t drive the Lexus or live in some mansion, or score the super-model. 

In order to achieve society’s expectations, however, you need to start making fundamental compromises that threaten your inner-self and your dignity, and even if you achieve all the goals society sets for you it is not enough because you end up feeling hallow and empty and deflated.  At least I did.

If you are lucky when that happens you will be wise (or sick) enough to say “enough is enough…this is no way to live my only life.”  It is not an easy step to take and it is very painful and hard…at least it was for me. 

My songs are a statement of my journey after saying: “enough is enough”. 

The source of my musical inspiration is from a time when I was young and before I got warped…thankfully it never left me…it was immersed deep in my heart and soul.  It is the music of cowboys and the west, of mystics and the east, of early blues and Dixieland, of Captain Beefheart and the Stones. 

The source of my words is my struggle to break free from the shackles of a society in which I do not belong, of the rejection and heartache resulting from a refusal to conform or compromise my values, of isolation and loneliness.  But also of a determination to prevail and a steadfast conviction that I will not let them beat me without a fight.  While some level of desperation is obvious, it is not the desperation of a man who has lost the war, but of a man who has regrouped and is on the attack, a man that knows he will not surrender and will not give up until his enemy is defeated. 

I hope you find in my songs some motivation and hope, not to live by my passion or my accomplishments or my dreams, but to inspire you to start down the path of rekindling the fire and spirit that is in each of you, to start pursuing your own dreams that you were forced to give up long ago and to otherwise start ridding yourself of the trappings of the chaotic society that supposedly is our “ideal”, and to scream: “your world not mine”.  There is a tremendous freedom that erupts deep inside you once you start on this path, and it matters not whether you achieve all your deepest dreams; rather the catharsis is in the determination to start on this journey itself.  

I hope our paths may meet on our respective journeys and to the extent that I can “help you on your way” by my songs then I have achieved more in my life than all the money and possessions and titles I may have relinquished to get here. 

Thanks for listening!


Richard Busch

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